Mold Services/IAQ Testing

Assessment of indoor mold can only be quantified through the use of biological sampling. The goal of biological sampling is to help determine whether the biological entities present in a particular environment are affecting or causing irritation in certain individuals.

Environmental Services

Implementing an effective environmental management program can control environmental issues and thereby reduce the costs associated with these issues.

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In today’s complex world, simple solutions are increasingly difficult to pinpoint and implement, over time becoming as demanding and costly as the initial problem. With issues relating to environmental quality, company productivity, health concerns, and safety compliance issues – therein lies the challenge to solve the dilemma yet provide the fastest, safest, most efficient solution. This requires practical advice, responsive help, cost-effective comprehensive resolutions, and professional service.
But most importantly, you need relevant hands-on experience from a capable, credible environmental health and safety company. MLB Envirohealth & Safety is your answer. A leader in the full service environmental health and safety industry since 1997.

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We are committed to providing our clients the best service, care and concern for your resources like they were our own. We stand behind our services and products with the best guaranty and warranty in the industry. A leader in the full service environmental health and safety (EHS) field since 1997, MLB Envirohealth & Safety (MLBEHS) has been providing high-quality and cost effective professional EHS consulting services, for the public, private, and government sectors. MLBEHS consults in a variety of disciplines (i.e., mold inspection and remediation, industrial hygiene, environmental technicians staffing, environmental services and remediation, and occupational safety training). Experience and practical knowledge are essential to MLBEHS success as exemplified by our rapidly growing list of clientele.